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'Education: an adventure to be enjoyed'
Welcome to the CAN Schools Federation. We are two well-established, teacher-led nursery schools supporting children and families in Derby.
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Opening Times and Session Costs
Opening Times:8.00am - 6.00pm (parents can drop off from 7.30am - additional charge applies)
Session Costs:£6.50 to £7.00 per hour booked within our published session times

Characteristics of Effective Learning

We are constantly reflecting on the different ways that children and adults learn. A child's individual learning characteristics will determine the way they respond to both the teaching and learning taking place in the environment. Three Characteristics of Effective Learning identified by the Early Years Foundation Stage are:

Playing and exploring






Finding out and exploring

Showing curiosity about objects, events and people

Using senses to explore the world around them

Engaging in open-ended activity

Showing particular interests

Playing with what they know

Pretending objects are things from their experience

Representing their experiences in play   

Taking on a role in their play

Acting out experiences with other people

Being willing to ‘have a go’

Initiating activities

Seeking challenge

Showing a ‘can do’ attitude

Taking a risk, engaging in new experiences, and learning by trial and error

Active learning





Being involved and concentrating

Maintaining focus on their activity for a period of time

Showing high levels of energy, fascination

Not easily distracted

Paying attention to details

Keeping on trying

Persisting with activity when challenges occur

Showing a belief that more effort or a different approach will

pay off

Bouncing back after difficulties

Enjoying achieving what they set out to do

Showing satisfaction in meeting their own goals

Being proud of how they accomplished something – not just the end result

Enjoying meeting challenges for their own sake rather than external rewards or praise

Creating and Thinking Critically





Having their own ideas

thinking of ideas

Finding ways to solve problems

Finding new ways to do things

Making links

Making links and noticing patterns in their experience

Making predictions

Testing their ideas

Developing ideas of grouping, sequences, cause and effect

Choosing ways to do things

Planning, making decisions about how to approach a task,

solve a problem and reach a goal

Checking how well their activities are going

Changing strategy as needed

Reviewing how well the approach worked

New baby room opening in September. Please get in touch to find out more and book a place.