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Welcome to Ashgate Nursery. Your call will be answered by Mrs Lorraine Holford.
Opening Times and Session Costs
Opening Times:8.00am - 6.00pm
Session Costs:£5.10 to £5.35 per hour booked within our published session times


Two year olds love to be active; it's what they do best!  They need lots of space to play, move and explore.  Our outdoor space at Ashgate Nursery is perfect for this.
All our sessions give children exciting opportunities to access The Early Years' Curriculum through play based learning.  Every session with us will include access to indoor and outdoor activities, teacher-led groups and snack time.
Two year olds are very good at babble, but you will notice that they are starting to say clearer words and even beginning to put words together.  They ask lots of questions too!  At nursery your child has lots of opportunities to develop this skill.  We read books, tell stories, sing songs and rhymes and find interesting things to talk about, learning new words as we go.
We are still enrolling. Places available. Please email or phone 01332 371769 to secure a place!