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'Education: an adventure to be enjoyed'
Welcome to the CAN Schools Federation. We are two well-established, teacher-led nursery schools supporting children and families in Derby.
Opening Times and Session Costs
Opening Times:8.00am - 6.00pm (parents can drop off from 7.30am)
Session Costs:£5.00 to £5.25 per hour booked within our published session times

Reflective learners

​​​​​​​Children are helped to become reflective in their learning by practitioners:

  • Understanding everyone has their own learning style, and we recognise the need to develop strategies that allow everyone to learn in the ways that suit them best, including through the use of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic resources.
  • Providing open-ended resources, through continuous provision and enhancements, for child-initiated play which supports children to develop their interests, explore, experiment and allow them to make choices and decisions, be inventive and take risks.
  • Ensuring that children have sustained time to develop their activities and opportunities to acquire and practise new skills.
  • Observing children in their play, trying to discover what the child is thinking about and learning and the goals of the play, enabling us to accurately support and extend the child’s learning either at the time or later by changes in the environment or in planned activities.
  • Participating in play activities, sensitively observing, taking on a role that the child suggests, offering ideas consistent with the flow of the play and deciding when to interact and when to value the child’s independent activity.
  • Modelling reflective thinking by talking about changes and introducing new words and new ideas, thinking out loud, modelling more complex ways of speaking, posing new problems, encouraging negotiation of conflicts, explaining or demonstrating approaches.
  • Supporting children in finding out answers to their questions and in learning from their mistakes.
  • Asking questions to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding which are open ended and challenging and by allowing thinking time before answering questions.
  • Encouraging the children to use the language of learning as they make their plans, carry out and review their activities.
  • Supporting children to share their knowledge and ideas with others and to share their difficulties.
  • Offering assistance and support as needed to help children to be successfully following their ideas, including talking about or suggesting strategies, practical support, extending the activity through additional resources and teaching new skills.
  • Ensuring children know how and where to seek help.
  • Supporting as needed to engage in new and unfamiliar play experiences.
  • Being flexible to change plans and follow children’s interests and needs.
  • Developing strategies that allow children to learn in the ways that suit them best.
  • Encouraging children to revisit learning and experiences, to build on/promote further ideas and actions.
Don't forget to apply for your 30 hour code if your child turns 3 by the end of December.